About Us

Tapco International was founded in 1945. Its primary products were FCCU valves, actuators and hydraulic power units (HPUs).  Enpro Systems LTD was founded in 1972 and specialized FCCU valves, vessels and FCCU fabricated equipment.  In 2006 these two leading companies merged to become TapcoEnpro.

Design Philosophy

Today, our design philosophy and techniques of manufacturing have been the standards by which others followed.  We constantly push the frontier of valve technology, offering innovative products and services that set the standard for the industries we serve and today, TapcoEnpro's designs and manufactures the world’s most rugged valves.

The engineering design process at TapcoEnpro is a multi-step process which includes research, conceptualization, feasibility assessment, establishing design requirements, preliminary design, detailed design, production planning and finally production.

Our slide valves have been developed to outperform industry standards for safety, performance and reliability and have become the valve of choice for processing facilities, enabling plants to operate safely and without unplanned shutdowns.

Design Philosophy

Quality Standards

  • ASME Section VIII Div 1
  • ASME Section VIII Div 2
  • ASME Pressure Piping
  • ASME Steam Boiler
  • NBBI Registered
  • NBBI R Stamp
  • ISO 9001:2015

Quality Assurance

TapcoEnpro constantly pushes the frontier of engineered technology by offering innovative products and services that set the standard for the industries we serve. All products are manufactured in strict accordance with customer specifications and our own quality standards.

Promise of Service Support

TapcoEnpro International is the standard for valve and actuator service.  Our Service Division handles the needs of customers throughout the world with the ability and knowledge to perform a complete valve overhaul in the field with an emphasis on safety, quality and “on time” completion.

Whether your turnarounds require in-shop or in-plant, TapcoEnpro is your only source which offers the extensive worldwide support and service necessary to keep your operation functioning and safe.


For nearly seven decades, TapcoEnpro has been the leader in providing severe service, critical flow, high temperature control valves, electrohydraulic actuators and other mission decisive products and services to the global refining and petrochemical industry.