PLC Based Controller

Innovation in Control

The Electro-Hydraulic Actuator and Control System is the most ideal system for today’s modern refineries. It provides the accuracy and response necessary to improve refinery operations. Our PLC based Digital Valve Controller with Intuitive HMI Graphic Interface controls portion of our electro-hydraulic system provides features that will further enhance your operations and maintenance.

Standard features and functions include:
  • Hardwired Alarm Outputs
  • Alarm Logging
  • Event Logging
  • Trending
  • Multiple Engineering Units Support
  • Multiple Language Support
  • PID Tuning Panels
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Basic I/O Diagnostics
  • PLC Diagnostics
  • Device Interlock Diagnostics
  • Port Open Area and Valve Stroke
  • Valve Thrust Monitoring (open/close)
  • Command Position Failure Alarms
  • Local Configuration and Setup Support
  • Local Parameter Setpoint Support
  • HPU Status monitoring
  • Basic Pump Auto Control (Auto Switch Over)
  • Advanced Pump Auto Control (Duty Cycle)
  • Valve Position Control (PID) (Bump less Transfer)
  • Alarm Management
  • Automatic Position Feedback Calibration
  • Automatic Command Position Calibration
  • Automatic Servo Valve Position Calibration
  • Valve Position Integrity Alarms
  • Transmitter Signal Failure Alarms

Our PLC based control system can be provided to upgrade any application whether its TapcoEnpro original equipment or a hydraulic power unit sourced from a competitor which requires enhanced control capabilities. Our technical representatives can review your existing equipment and provide solutions to modernize your operations.

Optional Features and Functions
  • Redundant Processors
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Redundant Communications
  • Redundant I/O
  • Valve Performance Monitoring
  • Valve Profile Monitoring
  • Advance I/O Diagnostics
  • Modbus Communications TCP/IP
  • Modbus Communications (RS-232/485)
  • Intrinsic Safety Signals
  • Hart Multiplexing
  • 2oo3 Valve Position Feedback LVD
  • Redundant Servo Position Control
  • Air/Oil Cooling System Control
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Temperature Control
  • Remote System Monitoring (2-wire)
  • Remote Valve Control (Isolated Backup)
  • Hydraulic Conditioning Pump control

TapcoEnpro is a trusted partner, delivering safe, reliable products while providing the best value for our customers. From the initial sales contact through manufacturing, delivery, installation and service support, we provide unparalleled products, service and support in keeping with our commitment to our ISO 9001-2008 certification. Our exacting design, manufacturing and service standards allows us to accurately control all of our processes.


TapcoEnpro offers total flexibility in your configuration during design and manufacture. Our continuous improvement process allows us to exceed industry standards and design criteria to provide more reliable operation.