FCCU Fractionator Isolation Valves

See how the TapcoEnpro Isolation Valve provides a safer environment when isolating the reactor from the fractionator resulting in reliable FCC operations and beneficial cost saving during turnarounds.

An FCCU is expected to operate without interruption for 3 to 6 years. Maintenance requirements include isolating the reactor from the fractionator by placing a physical blind in the reactor overhead line. The manual insertion and removal of the blind flange is one of the most threatening operations in the refinery. There is a need for a safe operator environment for isolation of a hazardous process by eliminating personnel from the operation and emissions of hydrocarbons to the atmosphere.

  • Smallest Dimensional Footprint
  • Top Entry In-Line Serviceable
  • Lowest Steam Consumption
  • Safer Valve Design
FCCU Fractionator Isolation Valves gate cross section

Our Solutions

  • Gate is in a safe down-seated position while open and regardless of upset conditions or equipment failure, the gate remains static and will not close
  • Ultra-low steam consumption

Industry Challenges to Solve

  • Volatile and Hazardous emissions released to atmosphere during blind installation
  • Hazardous work environment for operators installing the fractionator isolation blind
  • Time consuming blind installation leads to costly added time in unit outages to shutdown and start-up

Industry Challenges Solved

  • Provides greater opportunity for safe isolation of vessels
  • 100% process isolation with Double Block and Purge technology
  • Simple, robust and reliable design with a single moving component
  • True mechanical gate position indication and positive lockout mechanism
  • Engineered specifically for the reactor overhead line operational conditions and sizes
  • Low maintenance costs
FCCU Fractionator Isolation Valves cross section