Actuators & Hydraulic Power Units

Innovations to keep at the forefront of flow control technology for severe service conditions

An electro-hydraulic actuator and control system is the most ideal system for today’s modern refineries.  It provides the accuracy and response necessary to improve refinery operations.  Our electro-hydraulic system provides features that can further enhance operations and maintenance.

TapcoEnpro’s systems are assembled entirely from quality components that are reliable, easily available and made to meet or exceed industry standards.  Our ever-improving actuator technology offers increasing operational capabilities, such as on-stream fluid conditioning and greater redundancies, to whatever degree you specify.

Not only will your configuration be customized to your operation, your written specifications are too. If your personnel aren't familiar with actuator parameters, we'll write your specifications in advanced to help you set operational standards. Or if you have experienced instrumentation and operations people, we'll provide detailed specifications for their professional review and refinement. For companies with limited engineering resources, we will design the actuator system requirements for you.

Diagnostic Checks and Adjustments
  • Error percentage
  • Remote control percentage
  • Position percentage
  • Remote command voltage
  • Error bounded voltage
  • Servo valve drive voltage
  • Error threshold voltage
  • DC positive voltage
  • DC negative voltage
Standard Features
  • Custom Hydraulics to suit the job
  • Linear displacement transducer feedback
  • Accumulators to suit the requirements
  • Electro-Hydraulic Servo Valves
  • Weather Protection
  • Galvanized ferrous metal skid
  • Modular components and manifolding
  • Solid state electronics (analog or digital)
  • In-line declutchable manual gear actuator
  • Redundant main hydraulic system with automatic switchover
  • Loss of Feedback command alarm
  • Loss of Input signal alarm
  • Loss of Tracking alarm
  • Agency certified electrical components
Optional Features
  • Choice of failure mode functions, including Emergency Shut-down
  • Hydraulic hand pump
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic pump
  • AC or DC loss of power alarms
  • Air motor drive
  • Accumulator banks
  • Actuator control manifold reservoir accessories
  • Remote control skid
  • Fluid conditioning systems
  • External position feedback
  • Local alarm panel
  • Stainless steel skid

Custom tailored to suit individual needs, the system is available as controls only or controls and actuators utilizing existing hydraulic power supplies.  Our retrofit system also offers full response hydraulic control from your existing hydraulic power supply system.