Slurry Isolation Valves

Heavy residual oil, together with any catalyst carryover, collects at the bottom of the fractionator and recycles back to the reactor for the catalyst to be used in the reactor.

Bottom recycle is used to recover heat for feed preheat through kettle boilers and exchangers. The fluid is known as catalyst oil slurry and its control and isolation, due to its highly abrasive nature and temperature, sets high demands for valves.

Dynamic Spring-Loaded Seats cutaway
  • Dynamic Spring-Loaded Seats
  • Welded Inconel Bellows Barrier
  • API 598 Leakage for Process and Steam
  • Proven time-tested reliable technology used in all TapcoEnpro Critical Service Application
SV Rendering 12
  • No maintenance required of packing, seats or gate, between turnarounds
  • All spare seats are leak tested to API 598 before delivery
  • Actuator stem and stem nut can be replaced without removing the upper valve bonnet
  • The steam system provides diagnostics by monitoring internal valve body pressure against process pressure
  • Confirmation of positive seat/gate isolation can be achieved through comparing current steam trends to previous trends
  • Accurate diagnostics of seat and gate conditions can also be achieved through comparing current steam trends to previous trends
  • Steam trending diagnostics can be utilized to gauge seat or gate wear and prepare for scheduled maintenance
Erosion Resistant Valve

Zero maintenance between turnarounds due to erosion resistant design

Fast Closing - Emergency Shut Down Applications

Multiple actuation options to satisfy any process requirement

Interchangeable With Existing Valve Envelopes

Short pattern design capable of replacing ball, gate, or plug valves

Maintenance Friendly

Fully in-line repairable with top entry

Ultra Low Purge Consumption

Minimal purge charge required

Multiple purge medium options: Nitrogen, Steam and patented hydrocarbon liquid purge options

  • Reduced piping costs
  • Ease of installation and serviceability
  • Lower steam costs compared to other valves