Digital Valve Controller

Providing total flexibility throughout design and manufacture to meet specific needs in the refinery.

Our TA-2000 controllers provide dependable service in major refineries throughout the world. They can be customized to your specifications and are available to control a variety of valve types including slide, plug, butterfly, diverter, angle, globe and gate. You’ll find us on the approved supplier list of major engineering firms, processing companies and refineries everywhere.

Digital Valve Controller Features
  • Redundant controllers and power supplies with automatic switch over
  • User friendly “Windows like” operator interface with a 5.5 inch color, quarter VGA display
  • Ethernet, 4-20mA and Modbus communications. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting of the DVC are available via an Ethernet communications link
  • Software based setup
  • Software-based calibration Using the front panel GUI application program, the operator may calibrate all of the DVC’s sensors and outputs. All calibration information is stored in flash memory within the DVC
  • Self diagnostics
  • Event logging/fault stacking.  The DVC typically stores an entire year’s worth of events, including alarms, faults and operator actions in flash memory within the DVC. The time of occurrence and a description of the events are provided. Events can be viewed using the DVC front panel GUI application program
  • System health monitoring
  • Automated “bumpless transfer”
  • Calculates valve capacity and port opening
  • Calculates opening and closing thrust values
  • Supports both English and metric units
  • Response time test

Our controls are available on your choice of skids; single, dual or multi-control.  Actuators can be Electro-Hydraulic, Electric or Pneumatic with analog or digital control for rotary or linear actuation.  Our retrofit system offers full response hydraulic control from your existing hydraulic power supply system.  Custom tailored to suit individual needs, the system is available as controls only or controls and actuators utilizing existing hydraulic power supply.

TapcoEnpro’s systems are assembled entirely from quality components that are reliable, easily available and made to meet or exceed industry standards.

Digital Valve Controller

The electronics enclosure contains the heart of the control system. Access is not required for calibration, only for replacement of components, if ever necessary. All trouble shooting of the overall system can be completed by referring to the visual display.