Valve Field Service & Support

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Field Support

Our valve service division handles the needs of customers throughout the world with the ability and knowledge to perform a complete valve overhaul in the field…always with an emphasis on safety, quality and on time completion.

Our skilled personnel are well trained and highly experienced to provide the depth of expertise you need on site.  Whether your needs are valve or control system related, a TapcoEnpro field service representative brings more than 50 years of valve design and maintenance experience so you always have the best technical knowledge available in the industry.

On-Site Field Crews and Supervisory Support

Focused on attending to our customer's equipment turnaround requirements, we provide a worldwide network of field service locations to oversee all equipment installations, commissioning supervision, site audits, maintenance and repair. To be more responsive while meeting customer expectations, our service personnel are available from locations throughout the world and provide:

  • Response to your needs 24 hours / 7 days a week.
  • Professional equipment installations with either fully equipped crews or supervisory  personnel.
  • Maintenance and repair for either our valves and actuators or equipment supplied by others.
  • Onsite Training

TapcoEnpro can provide either supervision to direct your on-site contractor or provide complete equipment and personnel to tear down, inspect, repair, assemble and test valves in the field and in-line.

Our expertise includes FCC Slide and Plug Valves, Flue Gas Butterfly Valves, Flue Gas Isolation Valves and many others. Our international capabilities enable us to respond to emergencies any time, day or night. With our worldwide plant locations and their personnel available 24 hours per day seven days a week, there is always shop manufacturing and repair support for our field team and you to depend on.

This kind of philosophy has allowed our customers to manage the business end of maintenance on their Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit and...

  • Reduce Downtime
  • Reduce Manufacturing Costs
  • Increase Revenues
  • Widen Profit Margins
Valve/Actuator Training Services

When you choose the world's most respected valve manufacturer, you have the finest support in the industry. Through training, we enable your personnel on site to properly care for your valve and control systems. A custom tailored education course is developed and supported by TapcoEnpro as part of an ongoing long-term partnership.

There's no better or more efficient way to handle valve maintenance, troubleshooting or possible repair than having your own people do the job on the spot, within your own facility. And there is no better way to train them for this vital function than having them attend a TapcoEnpro maintenance seminar held at your plant immediately following the turnaround while all events are still current.


We know how financially disastrous any downtime can be.  There is only one company based in Houston and United Kingdom with fulltime support technicians located in Australia, India, Japan, Taiwan, and Europe who can provide on-site assistance within hours anywhere in the world...TapcoEnpro